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Gerson, who, with his sympathy, knowledge and culture, was the key to success for an unforgettable experience. During 14 days and travelling more than 4000 km, he showed us around this magnificent and vivacious country. If anyone is looking for a responsible and caring guide for Namibia, we recommend Gerson and his Omuhimba Safaris Company without any hesitation! Josée and Marcel Duhautpas, GD Luxembourg

What makes our guided safaris and tours different is our unique connection and insight into the country and its people..

About Us

For guided safaris Namibia, Omuhimba Safaris offers packaged and tailor-made tours throughout Namibia and to neighbouring countries.

Omuhimba Safaris is a Namibian owned, tour-operating company started by Gerson Uatjavi Kasona, a young Namibian man of the Ovahimba people. Gerson is one of a very few local guides in Namibia who has learned to speak French. He has over 12 years of experience in the industry, having worked for several companies, before starting off on his own. He knows the country like the back of his hand and loves to share its beauty and introduce its people to others offering his own personal and unique insights into the country's rich cultural heritage. Read More